Fantasy Fest Party Details

Fantasy Fest Parade

Date: Saturday October 31st


Cost: Free

Location: Duval Street

Web Site:

The Fantasy Fest Parade is unique. One of the issues is that it draws a crowd that is too large to really view it. If you want to avoid the crowds and get private viewing, the information on the parade viewing page will help.

One solution is to find a part of the parade route you like, stay there and embrace the crowds.

Many locals watch the parade at the very beginning of the route. Whitehead Street in front of the Courthouse is a great place to begin your search for a comfortable viewing spot

Likewise, the end of the parade route is less crowded. Once the parade passes Truman Ave the crowds get smaller.

Whatever your decision, remember that you’re here to party and have a good time, so enjoy the parade, the crowds and be mellow.

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