Fantasy Fest Party Details

Masquerade March

Date: Friday October 30th


Cost: Free

Location: Frances Street gate of the Cemetery

Web Site:

This event is truly a "a farce to be reckoned with." The participants in this impromptu event poke fun at everything and everyone you can imagine. Most of the costumes are thrown together on the spur of the moment.

There are actually two parades, each with a different character, that sally forth from the Frances Street Gate of the Cemetery and wend their ways through old town, gaining numbers as they go, and eventually merging on Duval Street. The Northeast Brigade meanders through the older part of town and summons groups from the party hearty visitors from the smaller guesthouses. The other faction snakes its way along the southern side of the island and stops at some more commercial spots before arriving downtown. If you are looking for the irreverent party people, the northeast route is the one to take.

Please note that the Fantasy Zone rules will be enforced more stringently than in years past. Be sure that you are legally covered until you reach downtown

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