Search the FF Party Database

As the list of Fantasy Fest Parties becomes larger, it becomes harder to find the beat parties to go to. There are almost fifty different public parties that range from events organized for children and families to events designed for adventurous adults. This page is designed to allow you to search for parties based on different inputs.

Currently, the search function is a work in progress. At this time it only allows pre-determined searches. As development continues, we hope to allow users to create custom searches.

Parties that are the Best Value

You don’t always get what you pay for and free is sometimes not necessarily a bargain. This search will guide you to those parties which, in our opinion, give the most bang for the buck.

Parties where you may see some skin

Many of the Fantasy Fest Parties tent to be a little risqué and costumes may consist of little more than just paint. This is a list of parties that traditionally encourage some of the more creative costumes that may include a little nudity.

Wild, wild Key West Fantasy

The parties that make it on to this list are the ones that pull out all the stops. Nudity is common and many of these events have &lquot;clothes checks&rquot; where participants can change into costumes that would otherwise not be &lquot;street legal.&rquot; Many of these events get extremely wild.

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This page is a work in progress and is under development at this time. It may change, it might break and it could even disappear altogether at times. That's the way it is with test pages that are under development.