Parties for Saturday October 31st

Saturday is all about the party in the street. Early in the day Duval is closed off with vendors and live entertainment and most of the side streets have purveyors of food. In the 700 and 800 blocks of Duval, the 801 Complex again sets up a stage and has a party in the street with music, dancing boys, beads and drag queens. In the evening Duval St. is cleared in preparation for the parade. As the parade approaches, the street is cleared and the crowd is pushed off onto the side streets and into the bars. After the parade Duval is again opened and costumed revelers party the night away until the bars close at 4AM.

Aftie Party in the StreetsSat. 31st

The Fantasy Zone is the wildest street party you will ever see. When the parade ends, the party in the street is just starting.

Fantasy Fest ParadeSat. 31st

The iconic event of Fantasy Fest.

Gangsters and Molls PartySat. 31st

Relive the gangland days of the Roaring Twenties at the Chicago Speakeasy, but only if you know the secret password.

Kinky Couples PartySat. 31st

Couples only event at the Cabaret

Dirty Doctors & Naughty NursesSat. 31st

With parties like this, you might just enjoy coming to the hospital.

Duval Street PromenadeSat. 31st

The excitement builds during the day as parade time approaches.

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