Parties for Thursday October 29th

According to many, Thursday night is the highlight of Fantasy Fest. It is the last night before the amateurs invade the town and they "legaly" close the streets. There are literally too many parties to list them all and it is often difficult to tell where one party ends and the next begins. While there are some great "pay to play" parties on private property, there are more than enough partying in the street to satisfy almost anyone.

Depending on your desires, the following events are perhaps the best choices for Thursday night.

During the afternoon the Halos and Horns pool party at Dante’s is your best bet. Or you could try 1980’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Party at Irish Kevins.

At night the wildest event has to be "Exposed" at the Bourbon Street Pub. It features a clothing check, a pool bar, nude dancers and play space for all consenting adults. As of Monday, there were still some tickets left for this event. If Exposed is too Dionysian for your tastes, the show on the Sunset Pier known as the Homemade Bikini Contest could be just what you are looking for.

Events like the Sloppy Joe's Toga Party and the Pajama party will ensure that almost everyone strolling the streets will be in some kind of costume. And if you can't find a costume that appeals to your taste, you can always make an appointment with one of the many body painters who can provide you with anything you can think up.

ExposedThu. 29th

If you are looking for a risqué party, this is it.

Homemade Bikini ContestThu. 29th

Fifty bathinig beauties will vie for big cash wearing home made bikinis.

Pajama & Lingerie PartyThu. 29th

Styled after a Playboy mansion party, the attire of the evening is sexy nightwear.

1980’s Rock ‘n’ Roll PartyThu. 29th

Party all day at Irish Kevin’s ’cause rock ‘n’ roll will never die!

Halos and HornsThu. 29th

The best afternoon waterfront pool party of Fantasy Fest

Headdress BallThu. 29th

One of the premiere adult themed gay shows and parties of Fantasy Fest.

Why Don’t We Get Drunk and...Thu. 29th

Blame it on the Margaritas

Save the Ta-ta’s!Thu. 29th

Wear a sex pink costume or just get your body painted

Sloppy Joe’s Toga PartyThu. 29th

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Blackout Glow PartyThu. 29th

Party hearty in the glow of black light

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