Parties for Monday October 26th

Due to the long tradition of Kelly’s Kinky Karnevale, Monday is Fetish Night and you will see many BDSM and fetish themed costumes. Traditionally, this has been the first day that the Official Fantasy Zone was in place. However, this year, the Zone is only official on Friday and Saturday nights. I suspect that the party will still kick off tonight, and many people will be out in costume.

Since the detais for tonight are still up in the air, be sure to bring a cover-up and do what officials say. If you run into a problem, please send feedback to the Webmaster.

The Kinky Karnevale used to be a bucket list party, but over the years, it has become extremely crowded and the show is not what it used to be. On the upside, this is the first night where the real party is in the street. So, dress in Fetish and enjoy the party in the street.

Heroes & Villains 5K Run/WalkMon. 26th

A theme run for Super Heros & Super Villains

Post Race LuauMon. 26th

A Hawaiian Luau on the beach

Kelly’s Kinky KarnivalMon. 26th

Costume Required

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