Parties for Saturday October 24th

For many, the first Saturday is the day that Fantasy Fest begins to take off. In addition to Goombay, there is a special edition of the Key West Munch as well as a play party after the Munch. Also, the downtown bars tens to have unofficial Fantasy Fest parties that sometimes spill out into the street causing the police to seal off sections of side streets. Remember that the official Fantasy Zone is not in place and nudity is prohibited, except on private property.

Little Black Dress PartySat. 24th

If you are looking for some naughty fun on the first Saturday of Fantasy Fest, the Little Black Dress Party is just the thing for you. While the dresses may not all be black, they are definitely scant, diaphanous or both.

GoombaySat. 24th

Many locals believe that the second day of Goombay is even better than the first. Events begin a little earlier and everyone has hit their stride. Don’t forget the music and events on the Truman Waterfront at the foot of Petronia St.

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