Fantasy Fest Freaks

This year’s theme will be “All Hallows Intergalactic Freak Show,” and it looks like this year will be a party to remember. In the next few weeks we will be updating the party list with details for 2015. When we get that done, we will put an enhanced search option back on the main page.

Fantasy Fest is one of the largest Bacchanals in the world. Held in Key West, Florida at the end of October, the weather is warm and the Keys are known for their laid back attitude. That means that there are few restrictions on costumes. While some participants wear intricate and ornate costumes, others opt for a minimal approach and merely wear body paint. This is a ten day event that has well over 50 parties that range from family friendly events to clothing optional play parties geared toward those who want a little spice in their life.

Although a few have tried to attend every party, nobody has succeeded. So it is critical to have a local guide that can give you the inside information necessary to find the right parties for you. All of our daily pages have party meters that go from mild to wicked and beyond. There are several searches available to aid you in finding the best parties for you.

To the left is a list of days. To find an event, look up the day of interest and the public events for that day will be listed along with their descriptions and ratings. As this is being written in early September, most of the dates and locations for the events are firmed up, but many details can change as the Fantasy Fest approaches, so be sure to check back often.

This page is a work in progress and is under development at this time. It may change, it might break and it could even disappear altogether at times. That's the way it is with test pages that are under development.