Overview of Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest 2013 is just a fond memory, but things are in the planning stages for Fantasy Fest 2014, Animeted Dreams & Adventures, is in the early planning stages, so any information listed here is subject to change. Just keep checking back as Fantasy Fest approaches.

Fantasy Fest is one of the largest Bacchanals in the world. Held in Key West, Florida at the end of October, the weather is warm and that means that there are few restrictions on costumes. That means that some wear large and elaborate costumes, while others prefer to be decorated with body paint. Since it is a 10 day event with as many as a dozen parties a day, there is an incredible array of things to see and do. Although a few have tried to attend every party, nobody has succeeded.

There are many things to do. They range from family events to some of the wildest parties on the planet. This guide will help you find the best events for you and tell you a little about them so that you can pick the ones you are interested in and not waste money, time or energy on those events that aren't right for you.

To the left is a list of days. To find an event, look up the day of interest and the public events for that day will be listed along with their descriptions and ratings. As this is being written in early August, most of the dates of the events are firmed up, but many details can change as the Fantasy Fest approaches, so be sure to check back often.