Fantasy Fest Political Shenanigans

Fantasy Fest 2015 is just a memory, but we are already in the planning stages for 2016. Next year’s theme will be “Political Voodoo and Ballot Box Barbarians,” not the best theme ever, but I'm sure that people will still come up with some wicked ideas for costumes, floats and parties.

Fantasy Fest has become one of the largest Bacchanals on the planet. Held in Key West, Florida at the end of October, the weather is warm and the Keys are known for their laid back attitude, so there are few restrictions on costumes. While many participants adorn themselves with intricate and ornate costumes, others opt for a minimal approach and merely wear body paint. This ten day event has well over 50 events that range from family friendly parties to clothing optional play parties geared toward those who want a little spice in their life.

is Key West; we run on island time, so the information presented here will be subject to change until the process is completed.

Although a few have tried to attend every party, nobody has succeeded since 1981 (although he did die with a smile on his face) This makes it important to have a local guide who can give you the inside information necessary to find the best parties for you for any given day and time. All of our daily pages have party meters that go from mild to wicked and beyond that guide you to the best parties for you.

To the left is a list of days. To find an event, look up the day of interest and the public events for that day will be listed along with a short description and rating. As this is being written in late 2011, most of the dates and locations for the events have not decided. Events listed are generic and based on the popular parties from previous years.

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